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Beth Turnsek. Animator, Illustrator. Current Layout Artist at DHX Media. Canadian.


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A horseycorn I drew last week and forgot about.

Busted out the gouache and painted Winnie. 

Shetland pony for @sketch_dailies¬†today. I couldn’t resist.

Trying to draw my OCs this week because of reasons. A quick doodleydoo of Dog Spacedog of the Alien Rescue Foundation (ARF) and his daughter Stella.

One day, Biff found a little dog by the side of the highway. That’s the day he met his best friend.

A bunch of little Winnies.

Mermaid for today’s sketch_dailies!

Drew some prehistoric critters today, and I… hope I got all their names right.

Gryphon for @sketchdailies because I needed a break in between other drawings.

Sometimes I remember I actually kind of have characters sorta.