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Finally finished watching the second half of Transformers Prime (I started like, a year ago) and wanted to draw some insane eyebrows.

My second favourite cyborg. Are we gonna have to get a new tracksuit, Barry? Yes we are, other Barry. Yes we are.

I’m really concerned about Krieger, you guys.

Testing out my new cintiq with a pikapiiiii

Harley Quinn for sketchdailies.


Lately I’ve just been running Archer episodes almost constantly to keep me sane while I’m crunching on work stuff, and I think Ray is the only one I can draw okay. But, y’know… he’s my favourite, so it’s okay I guess.

Boggy the bear for the #BKCollab on twitter. DON’T EAT THAT JIGGY, DUDE.

double dukes!

 I listened to like, every episode of Beyond Belief within a couple of days and then I completely lost my mind. I can’t stop drawing Frank & Sadie Doyle, you guys.

How about an actual ton of digimon drawings I did over the past couple of months? No? Well too bad, that’s what you’re getting.