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Asker beysco Asks:
have you ever considered drawing sketches of people you see on the street-- or anywhere actually?
rollingrabbit rollingrabbit Said:

Oh, I have considered it, sure. But for some reason, I get super nervous when drawing in public, and it just turns out as a horrible scribbly mess. Public sketching is one of my many weaknesses…

I do sometimes draw people long after the fact, basing it on a vague visual memory. Like this.

But mostly I just draw silly floofy fanarts these days.

  1. spookylizyebry said: floofy fanartists 4 lyfe
  2. dragonzair said: oooh, I’m jealous you could get the vague visual memory. Our life drawing assignment is to draw on spot, so by second year, I’ve tuned out to weird looks from people. I need to get back to it, though. It’s really fun!
  3. tada4ever said: someday we will learn to not give any fuck. stay strong sisterbro.
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