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Beth Turnsek. Animator, Illustrator. Current Layout Artist at DHX Media. Canadian.


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Frank and Sadie Doyle. Toast of the upper crust. Headliners on the society pages…

And oh yes, they see ghosts.

How about an actual ton of digimon drawings I did over the past couple of months? No? Well too bad, that’s what you’re getting.

Shetland pony for @sketch_dailies¬†today. I couldn’t resist.

Will you two grow up?

I started playing Monster Rancher and this is my monster. His name is Dingledang, and he’s a doofus.

Trying to draw my OCs this week because of reasons. A quick doodleydoo of Dog Spacedog of the Alien Rescue Foundation (ARF) and his daughter Stella.

One day, Biff found a little dog by the side of the highway. That’s the day he met his best friend.

I hit a big huge milestone today and I’m like… wow. I just want to take a moment to thank you guys, all of you. I’m really glad that anyone likes my silly drawings, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you guys. Just wow, you’re all so great. I love reading your reblogs, I love reading your tags, I love reading your replies and messages, even though sometimes I’m a little scatterbrained and don’t respond (so sorry). But I appreciate every one of those things so much.

Ahhh I just… Thank you for being there, dudes.¬†

So it’s the 15th anniversary of Digimon Adventure today and that’s absolutely nuts, so here’s a thing because of course I had to do a thing for that.

I just want to make sure nobody forgets that Gabumon is a professional astronaut.