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Beth Turnsek. Animator, Illustrator. Current Layout Artist at DHX Media. Canadian.


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A horseycorn I drew last week and forgot about.


I once reblogged a piece of art by a well-known fan artist, something that had tens of thousands of notes on it, and, sick with envy, said that I wished she would just stop. She reblogged it and said, “You know I can see all the comments people make to my art, right? Even if you delete it later.” And even though it should have been really, stupidly obvious, it was kind of a revelation when she said it, and I was mortified and ashamed.

When you make a comment on someone’s work, they will see that. Every single one. Think about what you say before you say it. Is this something you really want to say? Is this something you would say to the OP’s face? Is this something you want them to associate you with for the rest of your online career? Is this something that will make you look like a fuckin’ jerk, and if so, are you okay with that? (If you are okay with lookin’ like a fuckin’ jerk, what’s the matter with you?)

So just think about the stuff you say, carefully, before you say it. Take a second to picture the person who’s going to read that comment. You don’t have to be some namby-pamby Polyanna, just be courteous and compassionate.

I just want to reblog this… because… of… reasons…

The dastardly queen of the koopas.

Boggy the bear for the #BKCollab on twitter. DON’T EAT THAT JIGGY, DUDE.

double dukes!

 I listened to like, every episode of Beyond Belief within a couple of days and then I completely lost my mind. I can’t stop drawing Frank & Sadie Doyle, you guys.

Busted out the gouache and painted Winnie. 

Frank and Sadie Doyle. Toast of the upper crust. Headliners on the society pages…

And oh yes, they see ghosts.

How about an actual ton of digimon drawings I did over the past couple of months? No? Well too bad, that’s what you’re getting.

Shetland pony for @sketch_dailies today. I couldn’t resist.